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As an AR agency, we use augmented reality (AR) to bring your product to the customer - we create innovative and individual solutions for sales and marketing that visualize your products and services. This convinces, inspires the target group and leads to higher sales figures. Use the innovations of Mixed Reality Technology and create your entry into modern product communication. We help you get started with an augmented reality application and if you want, we show you what is possible in VR or how to become part of the metaverse.


What exactly is behind the term AR, which devices are suitable for it and what are the advantages for your use case?
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Clients & Brands

Among others, we have already accompanied the following well-known brands into the virtual world

Interactive Web

AR applications

Web AR offers the fastest and easiest way to present products and services interactively in augmented reality. Due to the high accessibility of AR solutions in the web browser compared to mobile applications, more potential customers can be reached and thus the own brand reach can be increased. Without app download - on all common devices. See for yourself.


To the interactive AR application


AR Marketing

As Stuttgart AR agency, LIGHSTHAPE offers you in the field of AR marketing e.g. the creation of so-called Living Products for consumers or a digital twin for cost-efficient as well as location and time zone independent presentations. Make your product experiences unique with interactive AR applications and let your customers experience the products at home.


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Product presentation

AR for sales

You want to convince your potential customers of your complex products such as machines? With Augmented Reality (AR) you can take your sales strategy to a new level. Location-independent interactive product presentations: bring your products virtually into the customer's meeting room. Playful elements convey even the most complex product functions and create a unique product experience for your customers.

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Augmented Reality

City marketing

The Internet presence of cities and regions could not be more relevant for city marketing. Interactive AR applications such as apps can bring visitors closer to the region in a playful way. The big advantage: AR apps can be used by mobile devices. We program these for you individually and based on our many years of expertise as an AR agency. The same applies to the development of AR content for existing Internet platforms and devices. 


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High learning effects

AR employee training

Employee training is usually associated with high costs and a large investment of time. With augmented reality (AR) training, you can implement your processes efficiently and cost-effectively. Visual, auditory and interactive / haptic: with AR training, in contrast to conventional training methods, almost all senses can be activated. Thus, higher learning effects can be achieved in a playful way.


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High performance

AR Models

High-performance AR models allow you to present your products not only at trade shows or at the POS, but also at the customer's location. Be it through the virtual communication of relevant information and specific scenarios or through the design of complete worlds of experience - in an interactive representation that allows the user to move freely around the model. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful, but they cannot process high-resolution data. This requires good and effective data preparation in order to present your products in a performant and visually appealing way.


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The affordable start

Costs of an AR app


  • Branding with corporate logo
  • Number of 3D product models: max. 3 items
  • Object placement: marker-based or free placement in the room
  • Standard Menu (Product Overview, About Us, Contact Us)
  • AR Screenshot + Social Media Sharing
  • Store Handling

Price (net) plus model preparations
4.280,- €

Your AR Agency

Services at a glance

  • Conception & Development of: AR applications, AR apps, AR trainings
  • Industries: Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Engineering, Public projects and participation, Consumer goods.
  • Application areas: At the customer site, trade shows, showrooms, POS, sales rooms, training of professionals and sales staff on AR models.
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