We are

Lightshape Real Digital Solutions

We are a company that is specialized in high-quality CGI productions, interactive applications (Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality) and the development of professional XR systems.

All three CEOs and holders got to know each other in a Stuttgart agency and founded LIGHTSHAPE in 2007.

In the beginning, LIGHTSHAPE focused exclusively on the production of digital images and films. We had already recognized the potential of interactive media in 2010, which is why our portfolio was continuously developed in this direction. Since the birth of "immersive virtual reality" in 2012, LIGHTSHAPE has been one of the pioneers of digital reality, constantly striving to dissolve the boundaries of technology.

We are a company for digital media communication with focus on CGI, interactive media (AR / MR / VR) and software development. We work cross-project, flexible and solution-oriented. In this way we can offer you an optimal and individually adapted solution for your needs and demands.

Therefore, LIGHTSHAPE always keeps pace with the times: one innovation in our portfolio is the holodeck, with which users can move wirelessly even in the extra-large scale XR room. By now, it has enthused around 25,000 users from various industries and is used for reviews in the automotive industry, among others.

We are broadly diversified and additionally offer a comprehensive technical know-how due to our years of experience in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering.

We are your ideal partner for realizing high-quality 3D productions for print, film, mobile devices, web, as well as augmented and virtual reality applications. We digitalize your working life.

Daniel Classen Founder / Ceo

Daniel Classen is a qualified architect and is responsible for the production of CGI images and animations as well as for interactive applications and the optimization of LIGHTSHAPE workflows.

Robin Wenk Founder / Ceo

Robin Wenk is responsible for augmented, mixed and virtual reality and for consulting and conception of digital fields of application. These range from the creative sector to the creation of new working environments.

Georg Fuhrmann Faciliator / CEO

Translating technology in understandable and appealing image and film concepts is the main task of Georg Fuhrmann. His mission is to transfer his years of experience into the new mixed and virtual reality media. Always with the right idea for his customers to implement their wishes optimally.