3D Visualisation Animation Britax Römer baby seat Trifix

Animation / Shading / Lighting

LIGHTSHAPE created a 3D animation for client Britax Römer and its Trifix i-Size child seat range. This highlights the benefits of the seat in a car environment. Using the supplied CAD data, a 3D model of the seat was created and further prepared for the animation. A particular challenge of the animation was the true-to-life representation of the car seat belt.

According to ADAC recommendations, children up to the age of at least 2 years should sit in the car with the child seat facing the opposite direction of travel, while older children can be placed in their seat facing the direction of travel.
The special feature of the animation: the seat grows with the child on the one hand and additionally rotates with advanced age.

Client Britax Römer, Panama

Challenge Creation of a 3D animation of the child seat Trifix i-Size from Britax Römer.

Highlights The presentation of the advantages of the seat in the vehicle environment.

Technology 3D visualization, animation, 3D rendering

Devices Mobile and desktop with current browser

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Animierter Fahrzeugaufprall mit Babysitz im Auto

Animierter Babysitz im Fahrzeug


Skizze Babysitz aus Storyboard

Animation Baby in Babysitz im Auto

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