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As one of the pioneers in VR technologies, LIGHTSHAPE offers you a wide range of customized Virtual Reality solutions. Our services as a VR agency range from VR applications for your internal and external communication to VR training and education of employees from development and service. We deliver concepts and contents of the applications as well as individual models.

For example, digital twin design reviews between your developers and decision-makers or sales talks between sales representatives and customers can be conducted. And this is independent of time and location and therefore extremely efficient. We use our self-developed VR software for virtual fairs, events and design reviews.

Clients & Brands

Renowned brands trust LIGHTSHAPE on their way into the virtual world

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Virtual fair and events

We as an agency for Virtual & Augmented Reality go beyond video streaming and prefabricated digital trade shows. LIGHTSHAPE offers the special virtual experience. If you and your products are not just standard and you are looking for something special, then you are exactly right with us! We turn your digital trade fair and event into an unforgettable virtual & interactive event.


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Use our VR software for

Design Reviews

LIGHTSHAPE leads you as a virtual reality agency into the future of collaborative working.Bring interdisciplinary teams together on a virtual level, independent of location - use your design data effectively and work with the digital twin. This makes your development and coordination processes much more secure and your projects more efficient. Teamwork has never been more inspiring.


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Unique VR Experiences

Virtual Reality Marketing

Are you looking for a VR application for your internal or external marketing? Through interactive storytelling, LIGHTSHAPE creates inspiring VR experiences for your customers, employees and projects. Our applications are versatile - whether at the customer site, at trade fairs & events, in showrooms or at the POS. We have the right application for every application area. Stay memorable with your brand.


porsche racing experience vr raum


Employee training in VR

The training of employees, customers, sales and service partners, is associated with a high expenditure of time and money. Make training processes much more efficient with virtual reality. Location-independent, unlimited in time and secure. The travel and time expenditure of all participants is reduced, which also leads to an improvement of your ecological footprint. Through the playful level (gamification) you achieve significantly faster and better learning success.


Screenshot aus der VR Anwendung in der virtuellen Braunform Werkstatt mit digitalem Zwilling

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Our services at a glance

  • Design and development of: VR applications, training, employee training, marketing, experiences, mixed reality applications.

  • Industries: Automotive, medical, industrial, mechanical engineering, retail, travel, entertainment, e-commerce, and many more.

  • Application areas: At customer sites, trade shows, events, showrooms, POS, sales floors, training of professionals and sales staff.

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