Spatial Collaboration

XR Solutions Room for an ideal work environment

Since 2010, our team has been dedicated to providing the best solutions that blend the boundaries between reality and virtual reality in the most natural and intuitive way possible.

In order to keep this up, we are actively involved in various initiatives. We research, develop and report regularly on our pioneering work in various formats.

Almost every kind of production requires teamwork. The visualization of ideas, the communication and collaboration with others are integral parts of our professional everyday life. Customers, partners and even our own company departments are often distributed across different locations. Making communication between them as efficient as possible opens up considerable savings potential. With the help of digital reality, we not only offer a number of solutions, but also significantly reduce sources of errors. In addition, opportunities open up which would not be attainable by conventional means, or at least not without producing significant costs.

With digital means such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, as well as combinations of different tracking options, we deliver personalized solutions for our customers.

Ranging from individual software solutions to complete solutions, such as, our HCC (Holodeck Control Center) system, which can also contain the complete hardware besides the communication software.

Depending on the needs or budget, both commercially available consumer hardware and professional cutting-edge hardware can be used.

More than 25,000 users have already had experience with the system, consisting of hardware and software components. The development to a user-friendly complete solution, makes it a system, which can be used by people who don’t have any experience in using XR technology.

Depending on your wishes, our service includes consulting, conception, implementation, support and training for such solutions. The matching hardware can be supplied by us and either permanently installed or made available for temporary events.

Fields of application for such technologies are extensive, they can be used for spatial assessment, (inter-site) communication, (remote) training, and assistance in (remote) maintenance.