XR Expo Platform for XR Experts

LIGHTSHAPE sees itself as a pioneer among the providers of professional VR systems that are offered in the industrial environment. 2017 we discovered that there are various VR and AR trade fairs worldwide. All these fairs and events serve a broad spectrum of application scenarios, such as gaming, marketing and learning.

What was missing, however, was an event that focused on professional applications of VR and XR systems. Together with VDC Fellbach, the VR Expo was launched (next year: XR Expo).

The XR Expo brings users from all industrial sectors together with service providers and technology providers. A common goal is to enrich the world of work with digital means. The events will be accompanied by high-quality lectures and panels.

The great success of the VR Expo 2018 has shown us that we are on the right track with our orientation and event format. A community and platform for the exchange of professional use of XR technologies was created.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors has encouraged us to continue and to pursue the open spectrum of the event under the new name "XR Expo".