Solution Development

Software Spatial software for virtual communication

In the field of software, our team develops various applications according to your wishes. The focus here is on interactive applications in the areas of XR, i.e. Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). But even independent Windows applications for communication solutions with database and front-end can be developed by us.

Our applications are used in the marketing of messaging applications, showrooms and consumer apps. Our aspiration is to enable the best possible user experience to convey complex content and topics quickly and clearly.

In the B2B area, the topics are product training, instructions of complex products, such as machines and technology on review tools, with which you can look at virtual prototypes and decide in a team.

From a technical point of view, we are developing for the real-time engines Unity and Unreal and create apps for iOS and Android. Our portfolio contains also desktop applications for POS systems or as well developments for new HMD technologies such as Oculus Go or Vive Focus.

Since we develop all our software in-house, we have every opportunity to respond to your ideas and demands. We have been developing interactive applications since 2012 and can rely on a well-coordinated team that understands the requirements and reaches your goal efficiently.