Interactive & CGI

Content Fascinating immersive applications and emotional visualization

LIGHTSHAPE has been developing computer-generated content for over a decade.

The challenge is to present complex issues in a simple and understandable way. Due to this long lasting experience, we have every opportunity to implement this. Be it a visualization, animations or applications from augmented, through mixed to virtual reality. We have all the tools to represent the ideas of our customers in the right way.

We can cover the entire process, from concept to content creation to the development of interactive applications or even stand-alone software solutions.

In the department CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) we deal with huge CAD datasets of vehicles, machinery and architecture on a daily basis in order to display them appropriately in images and animation.

The format depends on the idea of the customer and the concept. We can create images for websites or huge posters with more than 100m edge length. Animations can also be created in a variety of resolutions, whether in Full HD, 4K, or stereoscopic. It doesn’t matter to us, as we can realize your project in any desired way.

Due to the slightly different requirements of real-time applications, such as augmented and virtual reality, the content in our interactive department is created using a different workflow. The basis are mostly also CAD data, but it is also possible to have your 3D assets modeled by us. All data is optimized for real-time, to meet the requirements and for optimal real-time performance.

We only work with specialists who use the tools to fulfil your wishes perfectly.