Digitisation in employee training

"Lean Production", whose core consists of optimized production chains, continuous improvement processes and error minimization, also have an impact on employee training, which must continue to develop with the same demands. Industry 4.0 focuses on process optimisation through digitalisation, robots and automation. This is a field that devours immense research funds and resources.

Human/machine cooperation. Photo: Kuka

Collaborative work of humans with robots is only one of the very interesting advances in this field. If these developments are projected into the future, it is foreseeable that humans will no longer be needed in many areas of production.

When this point in time will be reached is difficult to judge from today's perspective. What is certain is that by then there will still be a great many people in modern production.

But is the human being in production really a phase-out model? In principle, he is flexible, has universal intelligence and can implement complex work processes. Actually an optimal production resource.

On the other hand, there are unskilled workers who have to operate complex machines, frequently changing employees and production relocation to other locations. In other words, people are at risk of being overwhelmed by their work and their working environment.

What is to be concluded from this? New ways must be found to give people the chance to understand their work and their means of production. These ways must be so efficient that they enable people to do their work in the best possible way with the little time available. The training method must promote communication. On the other hand, they should give the company the chance to learn from feedback and observation/learning analysis, in order to constantly improve training methods and processes. Effective training of employees is the key to efficient production.

Which technological developments can offer a way out? In the current discussion about Game Changer in general technology development, there are three topics that are highly traded and some of which are already finding their way into Industry 4.0.

Read in our article (german) which technology is most practicable from today's point of view and which application scenarios are available.

Some general thoughts about the potentials of AR and VR can be found in this BLOG article.

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