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LIGHTSHAPE is your perfect partner when it comes to the creation, production and presentation of professional digital 3D visualizations, CGI images and movies, 360-degree 3D animations, 3D models as well as virtual environments. As one of the pioneers in the field of virtual reality, 3D visualization and 3D rendering (CGI), we have a wealth of experience and in-depth know-how. We understand what we visualize. No matter how complex your product is.


CGI, 3D visualization, product visualization and 3D rendering. Many terms one meaning! We have the answer to the question: What is CGI?


CGI Showreel

High quality Animations

We produce CGI animations of your complex products - fully functional, in motion and of high quality. As technical experts, we present even the most complicated functions and interrelationships clearly and understandably. Camera perspectives, cuts and effects make your products comprehensible - and that in an artistic, emotional and informative way. We find the right style for you!

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Save costs with Product visualisation

Your CAD can be used in different real and digital media for your product communication. As a CGI image, 3D animation, illustration or even as an interactive application, such as the product configurator. Even if your products do not yet exist in real life: Our photorealistic product visualization convincingly illustrates all advantages, features as well as technical and functional interrelationships.
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Realistic Technology visualization

From operating instructions to highly emotional technical presentations - we make your products tangible from the inside and outside. Functional 3D models bring raw materials such as threads, liquids, wheat realistically to life. We penetrate complex products or networked services and make them understandable for your customers.


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The affordable Start Costs of a turntable Product

Picture Based Turntable with following base features:

Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080px);
Number of 3D Product models: 1 static model;
Frames: 36/360°;
Format: RGB/TIFF/JPG/PNG, without Alpha;
Neutral, white background design;

Price (net) plus model preparations

1.480,- €

Architectur From furniture design to interior

We create professional & photorealistic 3D visualizations for architecture, interior design and products, such as furniture. Even if your real estate project is still under construction or renovation, we can already provide you with high-quality images for your presentation. You want to virtually furnish your vacant real estate with furniture? No problem, we visualize your interior according to your ideas.

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Cosmoto 3D Visualisierung vom Balkon
Cosmoto 3D Visualisierung


Why 3D visualisation?

Large machines, small components and processes, and the depiction of prototypes: there are some cases where photography reaches its limits and CGI can help. Framework conditions such as a large studio, the appropriate context and background, and subsequent processing severely limit photography. On the other hand, small objects and processes are often impossible to photograph. Prototype photography often has a fundamental problem. They have to be built first, cost a lot of money, and are often not even available at the time of photography.

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Agency for 3D Visualisation

Services at a glance

  • Conception and development of: CGI Product images, CGI animations, technical graphics, technical animations.
  • Industries: Automotive, transportation, medical technology, industry, mechanical engineering, trade, entertainment.
  • Fields of application: Marketing, sales, training,... in all media, digital and analog.
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the finished image Our prozess


In the first step, we first take a closer look at your existing data.


2. Delivery of CAD data

Normally, you already have CAD data, which you then supply to us in the next step. If you do not have CAD data, we will model them for you.

3. Data conversion

The CAD data must be converted to another format so that the Digital Content Creation Software (DCC) can handle the data. DCC software are programs that can be used to create multimedia content. Once the data from the CAD program has been transferred to the 3D content software, the work of our CG artists begins.

4. Sorting the data

The so-called scene tree reflects the structure and hierarchy of the data set. When this is sorted, the objects are assigned materials. Since the objects of the CAD data are mostly assigned many different colors in order to be able to distinguish them in the design, the objects must be provided with material properties (e.g. color, reflection, transparency) in the DCC software.

5. Scene setup

Once the so-called shading is complete, the scene is set up with camera and lights. This works similar to a real photo studio. You place a camera and set up the lights so that the product looks exciting and all the shapes and contours are represented comprehensibly.

6. Rendering

The final step of the 3D artist is rendering. Rendering calculates a 2D image from the 3D scene with camera, lighting and materiality.


7. Final editing

After the image has been calculated, the 3D artist's work is usually done. The CGI image is passed to the compositing artist, who puts the final touches on the image using a 2D program such as Photoshop.


8. Delivery to the customer

At the end, the generated CGI image is handed over to the customer, who can use it in a variety of ways. As an image on the website, in print media or for posters at trade fairs. In addition to this workflow, further media can be developed. An animation based on this prepared data can breathe life into the product.

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