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What is CGI? How does mixed or augmented reality work? What benefits does virtual reality provide for my company? What possibilities are there to skillfully use and implement these applications in my business? Is it worth it?

When it comes to these and other questions about CGI, AR, VR, MR, and the web, we are on hand with help and guidance for our customers. We give detailed advice on the possibilities presented by new technologies. Our broad service includes, for example, workshops which highlight the many advantages of the use of virtual reality. These trainings can be tailored to take place on site in your company, or you can take part in one of the regular open workshops we host on our premises.


Lightshape envisions itself as a full service & system provider in the “interactive” area. We use the latest technologies from the areas of VR, AR, MR & the web. As a service provider for high-end content production and developer for industrial clients we place the highest demands on ourselves when it comes to visual quality. Furthermore, we engage with the existing, often complex work processes of our client companies in order to be able to present more sophisticated solutions. Which products are particularly suited to being placed under the limelight? How can the production be made easier and more efficient?


We design individual systems for our engineering clients which mostly consist of readily available components (hard- and software). If needs be, we combine and optimize these to the respective needs.

At the beginning, there is usually a detailed needs and process analysis on the basis of which we come up with a solution together with the customer. Afterwards, there is the installation on site followed by employee training. On request, we also offer continued assistance and maintenance.

Content Production

We help you to enthrall your clients using the latest technologies.

Together with you, we design extraordinary applications with content matched to your expectations. Our range covers 360° film and Web 3D, as well as augmented, mixed, and virtual reality.